Do you have a question you'd like answered by a holistic homebirth midwife? I’ve started a monthly newsletter called Ask The Midwife where I answer general questions as a holistic midwife - for mamas and professionals. I pick one question per month from all the submissions and do a deep dive answer with a video, blog and supporting information with my awesome assistant who is a doula and childbirth educator.  We will not be able to address every question, but will do our best to group likeminded questions together and address as many submissions as possible.  Each month I randomly choose a few questions to personally answer via email. Please Fill out the form below to submit your question, join this amazing community of women and stay in the loop on all the information provided by Home Sweet Homebirth!

For urgent matters and emergencies, contact your primary health care provider.

If you have an in-depth question, one that is more personal in nature or time sensitive, I have set aside a block of time each week for one-on-one online or phone consultations. In order to best serve you, in alignment with my comprehensive approach to genuinely helping women, these questions require more information and a discussion, so they will not be addressed in the newsletter or by email; but it is my passion and expertise to connect, advise, guide, empower, support and help as many mommas as possible on a more individual level.  There will be a small fee to book my time and secure your spot on my schedule. 

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Much Love, Anne Margolis, CNM at Home Sweet Homebirth

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